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Palm Sounds : 10 Years

Palm Sounds has run an incredible, indispensable corner stone of the mobile music app scene for 10 years now, 10 years! Continue reading

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Cubasis for iPad review

Cubsasis is a new iPad DAW from Steinberg. I used to use Cubase as my main DAW on PC before I was converted to Ableton live. It was quite a full featured DAW, and while I have not been keeping … Continue reading

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PPG Wave Mapper initial impressions

I am beta testing Wolfgang Palm’s new iPad synth Wave Mapper. The first thing I want to say about it is just plain wow! Wolfgang has really outdone himself with Wave Mapper. The first thing that becomes apparent when you … Continue reading

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Sir Sampleton Review

Sir Sampleton is a small sampler app that is easy to use and supports Audiobus. If you need a quick sampler, that has little overhead, and is extremely easy to use Sir Sampleton has you covered. You are presented with … Continue reading

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Impaktor Review

Do you tap on things, are you a finger drummer. I have annoyed many people by tapping on all sorts of surfaces, I do it subconsciously. I always have beats in my head. There is an app that can harness … Continue reading

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My Audiobus Experience: Implementing it into Glitchbreaks in 15-20 Minutes

Like most iOS musicians and developers, I have been following the Audiobus news closely. To be able to route audio between iOS applications on the device has been a dream since the first audio apps were released. Audiobus makes this … Continue reading

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AudioShare Review

Do you have a lot of samples? As a musician I certainly do. And the one big weakness of iOS and audio is not being able to have a centralized location to store them all. If you are like me, … Continue reading

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Beatsurfing Review

At it’s core Beatsurfing is a midi controller for iPad. ¬†With one big difference than most, you have complete control over the design, and can create this design on the iPad itself. This in itself is revolutionary. Once you start … Continue reading

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Triqtraq- Jam Sequencer Review

Triqtraq- Jam Sequencer is a new app from Zaplin Music for iPhone and iPod Touch. Just as it’s name describes it is a sequencer that blurs the lines of instrument and sequencer. It is a 4 track sequencer that is … Continue reading

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Glitchbreaks 1.0 released

Now Available on the Appstore, my first iOS audio app.¬†Quick note : Glitchbreaks broke into the top 10 iPad Music apps on the first day of release, it was #8, Thank you to everyone that helped make that happen. Glitchbreaks … Continue reading

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