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Introducing Sliver


I have been developing a new app, that will be for sale soon in the Appstore. It is for iPad and is called Sliver.


Introducing Sliver

Sliver is a powerful tool for soundscape and sonic texture creation.

Working beautifully with any audio content… melodic, rhythmic, noise, or otherwise, Sliver is well suited for a broad range of project types including:

  • Soundscapes
  • Ambient
  • Drone
  • Glitch
  • Noise
  • Pads
  • Sound Design / Sound Effects
  • Unique Sonic Textures
  • Cinematic Sound Elements

Creating a playable instrument from any sound.

The core of Sliver is the 4 real-time resizable clips (slivers) that can be moved around the waveform. Each sliver has it’s own channel with independent volume, pan, filter, and sliver size. These controls can be set in motion with Sliver’s automation engine. Sliver uses a real-time automation system to movement in your textures. This system also allows for override to be able to shape the ongoing captured performance. The filters and size windows are controlled by XY pads, giving Sliver a natural playability, creating a new type of instrument.

Touching along the waveform places, moves, and sizes the slivers, allowing you to intuitively scrub the waveform with a variable loop size.

A chain of effects assigned to XY Control pads allows you to shape and mangle the sounds produced by the slivers.

You can Automate every control.

Sliver uses Apples UIKit Dynamics to create physics on the XY Pads, allowing customized settings for the controls to shape the sound randomly with physics.

Sliver supports Audiobus, sitting in an input slot.
You can import samples via AudioShare import or Audiocopy.
You can resample, record your own samples, or do both at once.

Sliver supports MIDI learn and is fully controllable from Virtual, Network, and MIDI hardware.

Make some noises, mangle some sounds, create your own soundscape.


  • 4 Real-time Manipulation Slivers
  • 4 Independent Audio Channels
  • Full Automation Control
  • Apple UIKit Dynamics Physics Controls
  • 8 X/Y Pad control
  • Touchable Waveform
  • Low Pass Filter
  • Temp Sync’ed Delay
  • Reverb
  • Realtime Pitch-shifting without effecting Time Domain (TimeStretch)
  • BitCrush
  • Saturation
  • Audiobus Support
  • AudioShare Import/Export
  • Email Import/Export (Sounds and Presets)
  • AudioCopy/Paste
  • Sample Recording
  • Resampling
  • Playable Virtual Keyboard
  • MIDI (Virtual, Network, or Hardware)
  • MIDI Learn
  • 40+ Factory Samples
  • 60 Factory Presets

Glitchbreaks 1.0 released

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Now Available on the Appstore, my first iOS audio app. Quick note : Glitchbreaks broke into the top 10 iPad Music apps on the first day of release, it was #8, Thank you to everyone that helped make that happen.


Glitchbreaks is an iOS Universal manipulation tool for “Glitching” breakbeats. Glitchbreaks uses four audio channels setup like mute groups. You can quickly switch between them to construct new beats, or manipulate loop points to “Cut” or “Glitch” the breaks.

Included in the factory sound set are 90 high quality loops hand crafted by Daniel Myer from Haujobb / Architect / Destroid / and more, Juan Espinosa from Cellmod, Isaac Glendening from Cesium 137, Alex Matheu from Negative Format / Distraub / Parallel Project and more, and Loopmasters: a high quality sample boutique.

Glitchbreaks can be used as a performance tool to juggle breaksbeats or destroy sounds at a granular level. You can make interesting effect like sounds by manipulating pitch, loop start, length, and cutting the beats with fluid responsive controls.

You can record your performance and bring it into iTunes through file sharing, or copy it out into another iOS application via Audio Copy and Paste. You pre determine the length of your recording by bars to easily make pieces to bring into a song without the need for further sample editing.

Auto-BPM detection will detect the tempo of a sample you copy into Glitchbreaks (you just need to specify the bars between 1-4). You can turn this feature off in order to manipulate audio that doesn’t have tempo, this is especially useful for manipulating voice samples.

Glitchbreaks contains a 4 channel mixer to adjust the levels of each sample, as you change the levels the sounds are combined into the mix, on the iPad version this is displayed graphically with a rendered waveform that is combined to give you an indication of what the entire sound looks like.

All of this is very easy to operate and even a beginner will be glitching and juggling breaks like a pro in minutes.

Features :

  • 90 high quality factory beat loops
  • Audio Copy and Paste and General Pasteboard support (Both Copy and Paste)
  • 4 continuous looping channels with 4 channel mixer
  • Auto-BPM detection / with on/off setting
  • Set the BPM up to 2.9 times the original sample BPM
  • Waveform Display with accurate position indicator (iPad only)
  • XY-Pad Loop Modulation (Loop Length, Loop Start)
  • Cut Editor / Sequencer with 4 user save slots
  • XY-Pads for selecting 4 Glitch or Cut styles
  • Pitch Shift
  • Pitch Reset
  • Independent time settings Whole, Half, Quarter
  • Quantize for Cut and Glitch operations
  • Recording to 44.1khz 16bit Wav files
  • Set custom record length in bars
  • iTunes File Sharing
  • Mute
  • Reverse
  • Mixer view with volume faders per channel.
  • Master volume
  • Universal app
  • Load sounds while playing without hitting stop

GlitchBreaks - Alex Matheu

Is Virtual MIDI coming to iOS?

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Virtual MIDI

Virtual MIDI

A storm is brewing in the Audio App development community. I wrote an article about it over at It looks like the future is being written. Let me know your thoughts on what could come of this. Definitely a very exciting time to be an iOS musician, and a developer.

Cepstrum featured in Iphone application “Audioforge”


The distraub track “Cepstrum” is featured in an audio Iphone application titled “Audioforge”. You will are able to edit the track directly in the application, to create your own custom remix.

Audioforge is the envelope based Swiss army knife for audio files on iPhone. Edit the wave form directly just by touching it. Set selections to copy and paste within files or even paste from another file. Dynamically change volume for fade in effects or the remove unwanted clicks. Adjust stereo balance and set it to the far left channel for the beginning of the track continuously transferring over to the right channel for the end. Add stereo widening effects or bring it all to together to make is sound mono. Add high pass and low pass effects to start an intro, simulate a telephone conversation or just distort your sound.

Use tracker knobs to adjust the effect levels. Add as many trackers as you need by double tapping on the waveform. Move them around to generate the changes to the effect you need. Delete them by double tapping them again.

✦ Volume
✦ Stereo balance
✦ Stereo widening
✦ Low pass filter
✦ High pass filter

Use the built in wifi server to upload music in mp3, im4, wav, aif format.

A video of the application was also released. Audio Forge Video For more information please visit :