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Do you have a lot of samples? As a musician I certainly do. And the one big weakness of iOS and audio is not being able to have a centralized location to store them all. If you are like me, you have a few apps that contain large libraries of samples and use those to copy them around to the other apps. I use Nanostudio for this, because I have the largest set of samples in it, but as much as I love Nanostudio, using it as a sample library is painful, especially since you have to go into the sampler instrument and edit a pad in order to just copy or paste a sample in or out. AudioShare by Jonatan Liljedahl sets out to solve this problem.

It is a very simple, light weight sample library app. It is a universal app that looks great both on iPhone (5 as well) or iPad. It uses both the Sonoma Pasteboard and General Pasteboard. It gives you information about your audio, like the format type, bit rate, sample rate, and Length, and has a really nice looking waveform view.

AudioShare lets you play and loop your sounds, and also has a nice tool to quickly normalize your audio. Organizing your samples is easy, since it lets you create folders, rename, and move your files.

It has a wealth of export options, including Soundcloud, Email, AudioCopy (Sonoma and General Pasteboard, and Open In functionality. Of course it also has import options as well, AudioPaste, and even recording from an external source.

It does all of these things quickly and efficiently, and I would highly recommend using AudioShare as your sample library manager.

Jonatan has been actively updating AudioShare since it’s release, and has already added so many great features. The one feature that would make it even better for me would be full Dropbox support, currently you can Open In Dropbox, but being able to transfer over multiple samples from Dropbox with a 2 window sort of interface would be golden. I am keeping my fingers crossed, as I hear this maybe coming to AudioShare.

It is a fantastic tool, you should go buy it now.

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