Impaktor Review

Do you tap on things, are you a finger drummer. I have annoyed many people by tapping on all sorts of surfaces, I do it subconsciously. I always have beats in my head. There is an app that can harness this need to tap, and turn it into usable beats.

Beepstreet’s Impaktor is a universal iOS app.

Impaktor takes mic input and translates that with a synth engine into beats. And it does this very well. When you open the app, plugin some headphones, and start tapping you will hear your taps synthesized. You have some basic controls on the main screen to control that synthesis, with six different voices or drum parts to play.

Set your tempo, hit record and it will start rolling through the pattern, assuming you have the metronome on, you will hear clicking, then you start tapping, the quantize will quantize your inputs, and you can set the pattern to variable lengths per synth/drum voice/part.

With the default sound set that comes up, you get some really nice synthesized ethnic percussion instruments, like a Tabla, Metal Drum, Conga, etc. The Ethnic drum presets are the largest and offer 42 varieties. But other kits are included as well.

You can also create your own patches and kits, because Impaktor has a fully featured synth engine underneath. Where you can change a host of settings to create just about any drum sound you are after.

Not only can you save each Kit, but you can save all the settings in a session.

Impaktor includes Delay and Reverb that give the drums a more spacious feel, also included on the reverb is a lo-cut and hi-cut which is nice to get the mix just right.

Impaktor also has a recording manager, where you can either live record you playing or bounce the current pattern. Once the recording is saved you can Email it or Audiocopy it out to other apps. Recordings are also saved in the iTunes File Sharing folder.

Impaktor is fantastic, and captures the spirit when inspiration hits to quickly lay a beat down with your fingers. It is so full featured that it is definitely not a novelty, and can be used as a serious drum synthesizer. It also works and supports the iPhone 5’s new resolution.

Lets hope that Impaktor rides the Audiobus as well!

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