Sir Sampleton Review

Sir Sampleton is a small sampler app that is easy to use and supports Audiobus. If you need a quick sampler, that has little overhead, and is extremely easy to use Sir Sampleton has you covered.

You are presented with a large keyboard 2 rows, 1 octave each. It has a very minimal interface, just a few buttons on the top and the keyboard make up the entire thing.

The sounds menu defaults to sample, but also included are a piano, synth, flue, and drums. You can customize some of the settings in the app from the sound settings and advanced settings screen, changing the octave of the keyboards, note lengths, tuning, transposition, vibrato, and dual samples.

There are also more advanced settings like independent volumes and start times between the upper and lower keyboards. It has some deep features like MIDI, Background Audio, Velocity to Volume, and Velocity to Pitch. You can loop the samples, and another great thing when sampling you can wait for the sound before it starts recording (This feature is key). Also a hold to sample setting is present.

Also present is an interesting little rhythm section that emulates some older keyboards. You can choose from various styles like rock, disco, funk, electro etc… and it even has a beat generator that mixes the beats up.

One thing missing from Sir Sampleton is audio copy and paste, which would be a nice addition to be able to quickly import sounds. Also missing is a way to record your performance and export it. To remedy this though the developer has implemented Audiobus support, which takes care of the recording and exporting, and with Audiobus you can record into Sir Sampleton as well, while it would still be nice to be able to paste in sounds, this helps make the app feel less isolated.

If you are looking for a simple little sampler with Audiobus support then look no further, it has a little quirky charm to it, although it is a little light on features, it does sample quickly and easily, for quick playback.

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