PPG Wave Mapper initial impressions

I am beta testing Wolfgang Palm’s new iPad synth Wave Mapper. The first thing I want to say about it is just plain wow! Wolfgang has really outdone himself with Wave Mapper.

The first thing that becomes apparent when you load up Wave Mapper is that it envisions such a new way of creating sounds, with such surprising results when you just move the icons around. It really captures the essence of what is important to most musicians who are looking for a patch but don’t want to use factory sounds.  It is so easy to come up with really great sounds very fast. So they can focus, quickly get a patch for their track, and get to making music, but still feel that they didn’t use the factory presets, so their sound will still be unique.

The interface is just begging you to “roll some patches”, I mean the factory sounds are fantastic, but it is amazing how inviting it is to create a patch. Also it is very nice that it isn’t just a show that cycles through some presets with very little options, it is deep, you can use the Wave Map view to start out with the kind of sound you are trying to create, then dive deep to fine tune the Oscillators, AMP, Envelopes, LFO’s, etc..  Truly Brilliant.

All of the parameters are quickly accessible through their icons as well, just long touch on one of them, and you are instantly editing the envelope for that oscillator you just touched. It doesn’t stop there either, when you are looking at the envelopes as the sounds are playing you visually see the glowing dot traversing the envelope, and release the note you see that glow on the release, such a nice little touch.

Wave Mapper really hits the sweet spot between accessibility and complexity, and it just sounds fantastic.

Wolfgang has also posted this amazingly detailed “Show and Tell” for Wave Mapper.

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  2. Roland says:

    Thank you for this nice review which is actually a review and not just copy/paste marketing text like on so many other sites.

    I was impressed by Wolfgang Palm’s own Show and Tell video where he showed how he could record the movement of the icons as midi in Genome.

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