Beatmaker 2 for iPhone – First Impressions

After getting a first taste of Beatmaker 2, the exciting new music production app for iPhone from Intua, here are my first impressions.

Before I start I wanted to say that all of the exploration was done without a user manual, because one is not available yet.

The first thing that got my attention was the modular nature of the instruments, tracks, and effects. It feels more like a traditional DAW because of the scalable nature. I really enjoyed the scope and power of the samplers. Especially the 128 pad monster that is the i-DRM31. I also liked the power of having multi-samples across a keyboard in the i-SMPLR keyboard sampler. One drawback is that not all of the sampler parameters are automatable. Only the standard ones like volume, pan, tune. I would love to be able to automate the ADSR or the filters on them.

It is nice that you can place any combination of 3 picking from the 10 effects on any one track. Some of the effects leave a little to be desired, but having all of this power is more akin to a full blown DAW. The effects are fully automatable.

The mixer is a pretty standard mixer and with the ability to add FX only channels it gives some interesting routing possibilities. Although some glaring omissions plague the mixer, like no fader on the master channel. The FX buses are not aux buses allowing you only to route channels exclusively to them or the master.

The sequencer is great, and is very similar to the one in Nanostudio. So I felt right at home. I loved the sample editor, and chop lab for chopping beats, and the addition of time stretch and BPM signature makes it a really nice place to edit my samples.

File management is adequate, but I had some issues with the copy and paste to the general pasteboard. It is with other apps not accepting the copied parts. I hope Intua sorts this out. I wish they would just break down and put in Sonoma audiocopy and paste. Which for me is usually the first standard before buying an app.

Overall it is a great app, with some rough spots ( it did crash on me a few times when adding effects). I hope the developer keeps up with frequent updates and really pushes this app forward.

I wrote up a full review for you can check it out here.

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