NanoStudio Eden Wobble Bass Tutorial

From an EMPTY patch in the C Bank.

on the OSC page :

OSC A – SAW – Transpose -12
OSC B – SQUARE – Transpose -12
Mix : +18
Detune : 0.60

Filter Page :

Type : LP
Slope : 12
Cutoff : 0
Q: 0
Track Keys: Off

Filter Envelope :

Attack : 1.00
Decay : .40
Sustain : .24
Release : .35
Amount : 1.00

AMP Page :

Amp Envelope
Attack : 0
Decay : 0
Sustain : 1.00
Release: 0
Amount: 1.00

Polyphony : 1-Glide
Glide Time : .46
Pitch Bend Range: 1
Send FX : both at 0

LFO Page:

LFO1 : Filter Cutoff (set this in the mod matrix)
Delay: 0
Amount: 0
Sync : Beat 1/16

Aux Envelope : Unused

Mod Matrix :

Source Desination Parameter Amount
LFO1 Filter Cutoff 100
XYPad1X Filter Cutoff 100 (not that important but gives a manual way to control filter)
XYPad1Y Filter Q 100
XYPad2X LFO1 Rate 100 (very important this is controls the wobble)
XYPad2Y LFO1 Amount 100 (very important this controls the wobble amount)

And I have the effects off

On the Performance Page :

Send FX Reverb : to taste
Leave the XY Pad 1 at X 0 and Y 0 unless you want to add some of your own manual cutoff.
XY Pad 2 is your wobble control. start at about X 20-30 and Y 70-80 and move it around to taste, and of course automate this in your sequence or record your automation.

Also one tip, if you want a grungy bass without killing your kicks, make some nice tones with these settings with no wobble, and resample them, then apply high pass filter to them to take the bass out, and use the sample instead of the OSC. and pair it together with a nice deep sine wave on another eden, play the same notes, and you will get that classic dubstep deep bass with wobble. I used this approach here. -(of course with 1.2 we won’t need to resample, just add eq to the fx chain)

Ringflux-03 by distraub

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5 Responses to NanoStudio Eden Wobble Bass Tutorial

  1. Shannong says:

    Great tutorial and an awesome track demoing this sound. Really excellent production values.

  2. Joesoj says:

    Cheers mate

  3. It is not work that kills, but worry.

  4. Jason says:

    Thanks for this! I’d love more nanostudio eden tutorials!

    • Miguel says:

      This looks great!!Can I request a bit more vsuail feedback please. For example, when you’re twiddling the knobs can more things flash somewhere so that I know when midi is being received and used. I see that the New Fader’ icon flashes when midi is recieved, most excellent, but I’m thinking that I’d like to see something similar in the Controller Maps area so I know when things are working.Why I would need these things is because one of the major problems that I’m always finding is quickly identifying what’s happening when I need to change something, or there’s something wrong. Having plenty of vsuail feedback on things can avoid me holding everyone up in a rehearsal for instance.Also, I guess that introduces the idea that there could be some options to turn on and off the vsuail feedback for live vs development operation.Mike.

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