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Loopy HD is the new version of Loopy, a looper app for iPad and iPhone. Loopy let’s you record loops quickly in time, merge them, import them, and keep them all in sync. The interface for Loopy is really slick, and it has one of the best Sonoma Audio Copy and Paste interfaces I have seen in any app.

Loopy is great to lay some quick vocal ideas down, or to experiment with a few loops to see how they will sound. The interface is dead simple, and really lends itself well to quickly trying different sounds together, since it auto time stretches the sound to any tempo you like, it is easy to get a quick jam running. Loopy also has extensive time signature options, and let’s you record different set loop lengths. The app is quite focused on just being a looper.

I had some issues with it, like my loops would go out of sync on my iPhone if I messed with the loop length too much, to where I had to close and re-open the app to fix it. Note: I couldn’t get this problem to reproduce, after sever attempts, so it looks like it was a rare occurrence.   I couldn’t get the metronome to make a sound after plugging in headphones but closing and reopening fixed this as well. One feature that I would love to see is mute groups, where I could quickly trigger sounds in a group and have only one loop from that group playing.

Overall it is a very smooth, and fluid experience with great UI, and for what it does, it does it very well, with only some slight issues, that I hope will be addressed in patches, of you are looking for a great looper for your iPhone or iPad then Loopy HD is it.

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  1. a great review for a great app.


  2. Imvu says:

    Thanks Sam.Another question re: LoopbackI am plnayig 2 patches, a bass (LH) and keyboard of some sort (RH) do I need to group these into Loopback? Can you help me with that? I want them both to be recorded at the same time (since I’m plnayig a composite groove from them both).While I’m at it, can you recommend a simple, but sturdy foot switch/controller that can handle such quick and precise maneuvers as looping requires?

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